What is Meet and Greet?

meet and greet

Are you looking for a luxury service to accompany you during and after your trip abroad? Find out what Meet and Greet is and benefit from a personalized and tailor-made service for a safe and comfortable trip and stay.

What is Meet and Greet?

Meet and Greet is a luxurious service that welcomes and accompanies high-ranking company officials during their trip abroad, but also during their stay. This Meet and Greet service allows you to travel in the best conditions, combining security, speed and comfort. It is also effective in smoothing the passage through the airport.

How does the Meet and Greet service work?

Whether by plane, helicopter or train, the Meet and Greet service takes care of the traveler as soon as he books his trip. The passenger benefits from a complete accompaniment from landing to takeoff. A host or hostess is dedicated to them as soon as they arrive at the station or airport.
Once they arrive at their destination, the host or hostess accompanies the passenger from the moment they get off the plane or train to their car. The Meet and Greet service also offers a car with a private driver who will drive and accompany the personality to the hotel or to his place of residence. This private driver can accompany the traveler during the entire stay if necessary. Traveling with the luxury Meet and Greet service saves a lot of time, eliminates the time spent in the check-in queue and at customs and luggage handling is assured.
Wheelchairs are available for disabled passengers to facilitate their travel. This VIP personal service is available in several languages depending on the needs of each individual.

The qualities of the Meet and Greet service

Meet and Greet is a luxury VIP service whose hosts and hostesses or private chauffeurs recruited to welcome and accompany high-ranking travelers have the necessary skills for this job. A Meet and Greet host, hostess or driver must be able to offer a moment of excellence while being discreet and welcoming with a smile. He or she must be efficient and available at any time, day or night. The Meet and Greet service simplifies travel and offers a seamless experience to the traveler. Of course, it is important to follow safety guidelines and ensure that everything is properly taken care of.

What Meet and Greet services are offered?

There are many Meet and Greet services available:

  • reception of travelers upon arrival at the airport or train station;
  • accompanying passengers to their car or their next flight
  • assistance with customs procedures and security checks;
  • baggage handling from start to finish;
  • porter and valet service;
  • accompaniment via VIP transport to the hotel or home/villa;
  • on-board service.